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Reflections, thoughts and musings on a summer well-spent 25.08.2008
Last weekend in the DRC 25.08.2008
There are ZERO Jews in the Congo 20.08.2008
Gymnastics in the Olympics 14.08.2008
English Access Camp 11.08.2008
Catch-up 11.08.2008
Long Weekend/Headed to Lubumbashi/21st Birthday is coming up 31.07.2008
Congo Reading List 28.07.2008
Inflation in Zimbabwe 24.07.2008
Crocodile in the Bathtub, Dikembe Mutombo, House Party 22.07.2008
Blog Vacation 22.07.2008
No Internet/The Move 16.07.2008
I went to a goat bar 13.07.2008
Facts about Kinshasa 12.07.2008
My Photos 08.07.2008
Lots of stuff 06.07.2008
Now the fun begins... 03.07.2008
Day 1 in Kinshasa 01.07.2008
WTF Paris 29.06.2008